Medical Bill Gurus - Lyme Advise

Medical Bill Gurus assist patients in navigating out of pocket medical expenses denied or not covered by insurance, or for treatment received at cash only medical providers. 

A Patient Advocate will help you when communicating with your physicians and caregivers, by asking the necessary questions, take notes on information given, and work to see that you are financially covered to the best extent of any potential insurance coverage.


Medical Bill Gurus - Lyme Advise

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of Medical Bill Gurus to provide patients and medical providers with medical billing services to help all parties navigate the financial complexities of healthcare. Empathy first, business second is the backbone of all medical billing strategies, and encourage all parties to help reform healthcare by deploying empathy in the best interest of quality healthcare treatment for patients.

Our Promise:

Medical Bill Gurus specializes in working with patients and medical providers to attain the highest financial reimbursements from payers without sacrificing ethical or legal medical billing guidelines. In a dynamically changed healthcare landscape, Medical Bill Gurus is on the forefront of continuing education and harnessing technology to make sure our clients are receiving the most streamlined medical billing solutions possible.

Why Us:

We have a can-do attitude backed up by more than 20 years experience delivering high-end, creative medical billing solutions on time from the backend with billing strategies for medical providers to the front end of evaluating denied claims with patients. Our medical billing experts have worked with patients and medical organizations of all specialities, including alternative medicine providers, orthopedic surgeons, and hybrid cash only/insurance billing providers.

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ABBEY LYNCH Client Liason

Client Liason



After spending $40k out off pocket for 10 days of Lyme disease treatment at a cash only clinic in Arizona, Medical Bill Gurus was able to recover $18k from the insurance. I thought I would recover nothing, but a couple weeks later I got a check directly from the insurance company in the mail.
— Mary Casanova
I have suffered from Lyme disease for 15+ years, and never thought insurance would help pay for treatment. Now I am able to get money back that I can use to afford long term treatment protocols.
— Nick Schwartz