Lyme Advise: Your Key to Wellness
Click Photo to Learn More About Alyssa Knapp, founder of Lyme Advise

Click Photo to Learn More About Alyssa Knapp, founder of Lyme Advise

About Lyme Advise

Lyme Advise is a website designed with you in mind. Our goal is to make your life easier by condensing the tools, products, services, physicians, alternative modalities, and adjunct therapies you may need along your journey in one place. Streamlining what can be a mind-boggling process, we will provide you with sources and companies dedicated to Lyme patients and let you know what your options are on a website that’s easy to navigate in the midst of an already overwhelming illness. You will find a multitude of options because no two Lyme patients have the same medical needs, life experiences, financial abilities or combination of health problems to tackle. Working with service providers and pulling from our own personal histories, Lyme Advise hopes to unlock some of the mystery and take away the confusion so that you are able focus on the healing process and what’s most important – You!

As an online directory, Lyme Advise is available to you anywhere you may be. We want to provide you with as many quality options as possible to aid in your recovery and help you redefine your health and well-being. You will find categories broken down and listed by web services available globally, by states within the USA, and countries worldwide.

Lyme Advise is an organic, ever changing directory with services, resources, service provider, products and projects being added weekly. Check back often to view new information! If you don’t see something available that should be, need a referral, information, assistance or have a complaint please contact us and let us know.