Dr Tom Francescott Lyme Advise

"In my practice I emphasize treating the entire body, mind, heart, and spirit naturally. I consider my strengths to be—compassion, real deep listening to the story and energy, and weaving in naturopathic principles to help support the entire being into balance. 

I have had Lyme 3-4 times but I have recognized the symptoms and had the opportunity to treat it early. Growing up and spending most of my life in the Hudson Valley has strengthened my belief and awareness around this disease."

Dr. Tom Francescott, ND, has dedicated his life to helping people awaken to their true potential by identifying and addressing the root causes of  energy imbalance and chronic disease.

His specialized training includes the areas of:

  • ILADS-Lyme Disease
  • Qi Gong Healer Intensive with Robert Peng
  • Hormonal and Adrenal Health
  • Vangaurd Endocrinology Physician Series
  • Breast cancer prevention with Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur
  • HIV/AIDS management and clinical rotations at the Natural Health Immune Clinic of Bastyr University
  • Functional Medicine certifications in First Line Therapy™ -therapeutic lifestyle program
  • Advanced training in classical homeopathy and bio-therapeutic  drainage principles with world-renowned Homeopathy teachers
  • Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Remedies for Aging Well
  • Mindfulness-based practices such as meditation, breathing techniques, and the use of sound frequencies for healing and relaxation
  • Holotropic Breathwork and Shamanic healing for body, mind, and spirit healing.

Dr. Tom is a professional member of

Living well with Lyme.jpg

This empowering program is for those afflicted with Lyme disease, health-care providers who want to improve their diagnostic and treatment skills, and anyone else who wants the most up-to-date information on Lyme disease. Guided by a medical doctor, a naturopath, and an expert in natural care, you gain the knowledge and practical tools you need to demystify Lyme disease and navigate this perplexing illness.

Through nine modules, you learn to:

  • Determine the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease and associated coinfections
  • Create a personalized treatment regimen to address chronic or resistant symptoms
  • Explore the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing
  • Practice stress reduction techniques to support the mind and body through chronic illness
  • Transform fear and the feeling of being overwhelmed into feeling inspired and empowered
  • Effectively integrate conventional medical treatments with complementary naturopathic therapies

You gain leading-edge information to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit.



Dr. Tom Francescott is located in Rhinebeck, New York - just outside of New York city in the Hudson Valley region. 

Call 845-876-5556 to schedule your consultation.

Linda or Chris, Dr. Francescott's sisters will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions regarding appointments, product orders, and event schedule.

Or request an appointment:  info@dfrfrancescott.com