The Gratitude Curve — Using the lessons of chronic illness to reach personal empowerment” book is a study in author Gregg Kirk’s decade-long struggle through chronic illness. Not simply a memoir of one person’s conquest over a life-threatening affliction, the book focuses on the attitudes and hidden lessons that changed the trajectory of the author’s life for the better.

Shining a spotlight on the pandemic of Lyme disease, Kirk dives into the unsettling details of his own symptoms, varied treatments (both failed and successful), and knowledge gained from his experiences.

The book makes a dramatic departure from the expected focus on physical treatments to the uncharted realms of spirituality and mystical healing and their very real impact on patients of chronic diseases.

Taking this further, Kirk meticulously details his experiences in Brazil with the world-famous healer John of God. In his accounts, the author describes not only his own healing miracles but those he witnessed of patients deemed terminal by their doctors and literally given up for dead.

About the Author

Gregg Kirk hails from Connecticut, the state that named the disease he struggled to overcome for more than ten years (Lyme disease). He is a writer and musician who has been practicing Reiki, Human Tuning and remote energy healing for almost two decades. 

Since recovering from Lyme disease, he has focused his efforts on helping Lyme patients through organizations he has founded including Ticked Off Music Fest, Ticked Off Foundation non-profit patient fund, Lyme Recovery Clinic, and