ONDAMED: A Breakthrough Technology for you or your patients. 
 Getting your "feet-back" to getting and staying well!


Dr. Silvia Binder discusses the most common conditions they see when people are looking for help and the success the ONDAMED modality has with some of these conditions. 

ONDAMED® can be beneficial alone or can complement other therapy. If you are recovering from trauma or disease, dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, or bone loss, or any myriad of symptoms that occur due to Lyme disease, ONDAMED® may help you build up your resistance and stamina and feel better. 

  • Reduce pain, inflammation and edema
  • Facilitate cellular repair and regeneration
  • Improve blood circulation and activate lymphatic drainage
  • Support elimination of toxins
  • Promote absorption of nutrients and minerals
  • Improve sleep patterns and mood, and increase vitality
  • Reduce the harmful effects of geopathic and environmental stress


How it works: The human body works on the basis of bio-physics and bio-chemistry. While traditional medicine has much to offer in the chemical sense, it lacks the therapeutic approach of physics. Practitioners use the non-invasive ONDAMED® technology and the biofeedback loop to scan the body for underlying dysfunctions, such as inflammation, infections, scar tissue and emotional trauma residing at a cellular level. These areas often prove to be the source of disease and symptoms that might be otherwise difficult to find. Identified areas are treated with specific pulsed electro-magnetic fields to stimulate tissue and the nervous system. Stimulus with ONDAMED specific pulsed fields helps reduce local stress and improve metabolism and lymphatic flow resulting in reduced inflammation, pain and swelling, while improving stress tolerance by reducing cortisol levels and by influencing the nervous system.


Silvia Binder Interview.jpg
Silvia Binder Interview.jpg



ONDAMED is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a Biofeedback Class II medical device, Cat. Neurology. since 2002

The U.S. FDA regulation states:

Sec. 882.5050 Biofeedback device.

(a) Identification. A biofeedback device is an instrument that provides a visual or auditory signal corresponding to the status of one or more of a patient's physiological parameters (e.g., brain alpha wave activity, muscle activity, skin temperature, etc.) so that the patient can control voluntarily these physiological parameters.

(b) Classification. Class II (special controls). The device is exempt from the premarket notification procedures in subpart E of part 807 of this chapter when it is a prescription battery powered device that is indicated for relaxation training and muscle reeducation and prescription use, subject to 882.9.

[44 FR 51730, Sept. 4, 1979, as amended at 63 FR 59229, Nov. 3, 1998]