Zhaneta Misho is the founder of the Misho Natural Healing Centre. With a tried and tested combination of scientific approaches and natural healing methods she accompanies her patients in their individual journey to a healthy life. In her 30 years as a health practitioner, Ms. Misho has acquired a great variety of additional therapeutic qualifications.  As a specialist for complementary cancer therapy, orthomolecular medicine, and TCM (Acupuncture Diploma A) she helps her patients to reach lasting improvements in their personal energy levels and quality of life.

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Diagnosis is the key to choosing an effective and sustainable therapy. With the help of a variety of diagnostic procedures and extensive laboratory tests we investigate the patient’s disposition in order to determine the underlying causes for his or her illness.

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Hyperthermia is a controlled increase in body temperature.
This mobilizes the body’s defences and improves the degradation of deposited toxins.  

With its specialization in moderate hyperthermia, the Misho Natural Healing Centre  offers an important type of treatment in the field of complementary biomedical therapy concepts. This is a full-body treatment in which harmful cells are exposed to measurable temperatures of 38,5–40,5°C (101,3–104,9 °F) for at least 60 minutes. Click here to learn more about Hyperthermia at the Misho Clinic.

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Misho´s clinic is located in Munich near the Alps and is highly specialized in moderate hyperthermia
without antibiotics, ozone and oxygen treatment of Lyme diease and co-infections.

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