Lyme Patient Writes About Her Experience Using PEMF Therapy!

Lyme Advise recently received an email from a Lyme patient and follower telling us about her experience using PEMF therapy, and more specifically, the iMRS 2000, as part of her treatment for chronic Lyme disease and the myriad of symptoms she has had to contend with. Because we absolutely LOVE hearing success stories and positive feedback about what is helping, and how it is helping, I wanted to share with you all!

From Emma:

“I went undiagnosed with neurological Lyme disease for over a decade which caused dozens of symptoms, some that persisted after years of treatment. I can now say, that after a year of using the iMRS 2000 I have noticed a drastic improvement in lingering symptoms that I thought I would live with for the rest of my life. I used to have a lot trouble falling and staying asleep due to nerve tingling and pulsing associated with Lyme-caused Restless Leg Syndrome. I would even have nights when my arms and legs would jump in the air at times when my symptoms flared up. None of supplements I took or the treatments I did provided much relief, but the iMRS 2000 provided immediate relief to my distressed nerves and has eliminated the jumping completely. The other major Lyme-caused issue I have experienced is autonomic neuropathy. For 15 years I experienced episodes where my digestive tract would stop responding as it normally should. During an episode I would be unable to swallow food and my lower digestive tract would stall for days. Since I started using the iMRS 2000, I’ve seen these symptoms gradually disappear.

I love the menu on the iMRS 2000 because it makes it extremely easy to use and allows me to select the right treatment based on my ever changing symptoms. The menu provides specific settings for various health issues so I can literally set the mat or pillow to “Restless Leg Syndrome”, “autonomic neuropathy”, “inflammation” or “chronic pain” depending on what I’m experiencing that particular day. I purchased the iMRS 2000 with the hope that it could help reverse the nerve damage caused by the years of damage Lyme has caused to my body and after a year of usage, I can honestly say that I notice a great improvement in my symptoms and am thankful that with it, I am finally able to heal.”

PEMF therapy, and iMRS 2000 specifically, is a company and product Lyme Advise recommends for Lyme patients who are needing help with pain relief, insomnia, detox, and numerous other symptoms we all have to contend with. Lyme isn’t an easy disease, but there therapies helping, thankfully!

To learn more about the iMRS 2000 visit here or visit the Lyme Advise PEMF category here.

Wishing you all good health, wellness, and a cure!
Lyme Advise