Out of the Rabbit Hole...And Into the Light by Lori Dennis


It’s been ten years since my son first fell ill. It was during his last semester of college when he began to experience his first symptoms––out of the blue. Inexplicable anxiety. Rapid hair loss. Low mood. Lethargy. Symptoms that we could never have predicted would take us on a ten-year medical odyssey that I ultimately called LYME MADNESS.

Those symptoms never left him. And, in fact, they got much worse less than one week after receiving a flu shot in October 2012. Without warning, he became acutely ill. Fainting in the gym for no apparent reason. Feeling shaky, dizzy, lightheaded, foggy brained, chronically tired, achy, anxious, nauseous and his nervous system was on perpetual overdrive. These symptoms did not appear all at once. It was a slow insidious and unrelenting process followed by a cascade of symptoms that eventually gained speed and intensity.

It was in the darkest of moments, 18 months later, when we had consulted 20 doctors and had nowhere left to turn, that we instinctively determined it was Lyme.

Only one of the so-called specialists he had seen thought to test for Lyme and of course, as we know now but didn’t know then, the result was bound to come back as false negative. Why? Because we later learned that the two diagnostic bands (31 and 34) which would ultimately detect this neurological, post sepsis, immunosuppressive illness had been removed decades before. The tests had been designed to miss it.

Welcome to Lymeland. An upside, inside out crazy making world where nothing is ever as it seems.

We entered LYMELAND in July 2014. And what a crazy rabbit hole this has been. A muddied, mangled, morass of information that has seemed impossible to sort out. Finding doctors that actually do ‘believe in’ and treat this disease is no easy feat. Those that support Lyme sufferers operate in their own little world, underground and disconnected from mainstream doctors.

We found our first LLMD in NYC. He treated my son with the requisite antibiotics, first oral then IV for less than a year. Before that year was up, it was clear to us that antibiotics were not going to fix this and instead had made him even sicker. It took me years after that to really understand why.

Live Blood Analysis Before.jpg

So we moved on. And on. And on. For the next few years, he tried umpteen protocols and devices -- too many to list or even remember. Everything from antibiotics to rife machines, a million herbs, supplements, tinctures, ozone, CBD, GcMAF, LDI, and so on and so forth. You get the picture. I’m sure you’ve lived it too.

Live Blood Analysis After.jpg

Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Too many doctors and protocols to count. And nothing that provided sustainable relief. There were, of course, some better days and months. And so many terrible ones to recall. Not one of these protocols – other than a steady, clean diet—made a significant difference to his health.

AmpCoil Lyme Advise Lori Dennis

And then just this year, in January 2018…we found the AmpCoil. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. My son who has been unwell for a decade has finally gotten his life back. And, subsequently, I’ve gotten my life back too.

So, what is the AmpCoil? Well, it’s not a rife machine. And it’s not a Zapper. Both of which he tried.

The AmpCoil is a device unlike any other that we’ve found. Using a Tesla-based Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency delivery system, biofeedback, voice analysis and a powerful, easy to use app called BetterGuide, the AmpCoil works to neutralize microbes, metals and toxins.

It reduces stress, down-regulates the nervous system, improves focus, sleep, cognition and muscular health. Studies show that PEMF can be effective for Antioxidant Stimulation, Nutritional Uptake, Microcirculation, Cellular Energy Improvement, ATP Production, Cellular Oxygenation, Cleansing and Detoxification.

For those who have known me in the Lyme world, you will know that I have NEVER talked about any treatment protocol at length. That’s because nothing has had a measurable and significant impact – until now.

I am thrilled to say that my son is looking and feeling more vital than he has in years. His energy has significantly improved. His other symptoms have greatly subsided.

And, best yet, I have posted pictures of his live blood analysis – 6 months before and 6 months after using the amp coil. These pictures speak for themselves. We don't have to be experts in live blood analysis to see that the improvement is dramatic.

If you'd like to know more about the AmpCoil, please message me. It is an investment for sure. But it’s been worth every penny. Most importantly, for now my son has his health back, I have my life back and I'm trusting that it will only get better. ❤️

LORI DENNIS, Author LYME MADNESS, Speaker, Activist, Registered Psychotherapist

For more information, feel free to message me on Facebook, or email me at info@lymemadness.ca

AmpCoil Ambassador: I am in the process of becoming an Ambassador for AmpCoil. Because I wholeheartedly believe in this technology and am beyond grateful for the way in which it has given my son (and myself) our lives back, I plan to share it with anyone and everyone who is interested. Like all AmpCoil users, I may benefit from a referral fee from time to time when someone I refer purchases their own device. The AmpCoil Ambassador program is a smart way for the company to ensure that we share this technology in an informed and responsible manner.