Why We Refuse to Take Money From Lyme Patients

Lyme Patients Money

Lyme Advise hears the Lyme Community loud and clear – especially in regards to the topic of money and finances. Lyme patients are at an economic disadvantage. How does Lyme Advise understand this so well? Because it is organized and run by a Lyme patient. I am one of you. I get it because I have it.

Learning you have chronic Lyme is like hitting the bad luck jackpot. First you are sick, but you find out you are sick with an illness insurance companies won’t pay for. Straight out of the gate, we must first shoulder the financial burden of covering the cost of specialists, then we find out long term medications and treatments will be needed. So we begin to empty out wallets and purses but then comes the next problem. How does someone so sick work AND pay for this? Well, you probably don’t and can’t. Long term savings are then obliterated and family members, if you are lucky enough to have supportive family, start digging into their savings. Parents withdraw their retirement accounts, friends donate to GoFundMe’s, and you realize you need to hire a disability lawyer. With hope in your eyes, you limp or roll, depending on whether you are walking or in a wheelchair, into the lawyer’s office, only to learn the process can take months or years. You go home, apply for food assistance and start to pray, asking God or Buddha or whomever you pray to, for guidance…and don’t forget, the electric bill and rent are due in two weeks.

Does that sound familiar? I’m betting it does because it is the story of the majority of Lyme patients.

I believe in transparency by Lyme Advise for the Lyme Community. Is it required? No. Is it the morally correct thing to do? Absolutely! Lyme patients have been put through enough, spend enough money and have to fight so hard every single day that I believe you should be told the truth and shown the truth whenever possible.

Lyme Advise has received numerous questions all revolving around money. Do we charge? Are we taking money from Lyme patients? What is the catch? I’m going to break it all down for you so you fully understand the purpose of Lyme Advise.

Lyme Advise asks for no money from Lyme patients. The website exists to help you. I spend my time answering questions, providing resources, building listings and content for you to read about and review. I ask for nothing in return - not from patients, family or the public to do this. It’s confusing out there on the internet and the goal of Lyme Advise is to slowly compile information and resources that could help you in your journey. It is our goal to help not burden.

Lyme Advise does receive money or products from service providers, companies and physicians. I spend tremendous amounts of time on the phone and emailing with people to find information and referrals for you. I spend more hours developing social media content and website content. There are costs involved; equipment, website, etc. That is what that money is used for. Perhaps even someday I will have enough to pay for medical treatment for myself, but for now, all monies are being put back into the Lyme Advise site.

Often times, money doesn’t change hands and I receive no monetary compensation to cover the costs of running Lyme Advise because I have asked for product instead. Product that is for you! It was so important to me that Lyme Advise not just provide information but also, one person at a time, help little by little. Whether it be a book or a bottle of much needed Vitamin C, I wanted to find ways to bring a little bit of ease into the world. That’s what the Lyme Advise giveaways are doing. Taking donated items and placing them into the hands of Lyme patients. I wanted the Lyme Community to know there are people looking out for them and to make a really tough struggle maybe a tiny bit nicer.  

Lyme Advise receives no compensation if you purchase from or see a provider on our website. Lyme Advise is a safe place to learn about your options without any pressure to spend a dime. You can read, learn, browse and click links. What you cannot do is purchase anything through Lyme Advise. We don’t involve ourselves in the pricing of appointments, treatments, services or products shared on our website. Lyme Advise does want you to know that these physicians, authors, therapists, lawyers, or whatever product or person you are reading about on the Lyme Advise Website, have paid into helping develop this site or given product to Lyme Advise to give back to the Lyme Community. They are paying back into the community of Lyme patients and that is a wonderful thing! For that I thank each and every one of them.