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ArminLabs has generously donated 10 free Lyme tests to the Lyme Advise Community to be given to people in financial need worldwide during Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Proper testing, diagnoses and treatment is often unobtainable due to it’s staggering out of pocket costs leaving hundreds of thousands of patients sick and disabled - unable to fight their way back to health. Lyme Advise would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to ArminLabs for reaching out and assisting the community in yet another unprecedented gesture of understanding and assistance.

Application enrollment is from May 1, 2019 thru May 31, 2019. All recipients will be privately notified during the beginning of June if they are chosen to receive free Lyme disease testing. Due to the high volume of applications during the previous Lyme disease testing giveaway for those in need, Dr. Armin Schwarzbach and ArminLabs, offered to run the campaign again. Thank you ArminLabs!

We would also like to thank for generously donating the funds needed to Lyme Advise to ship test kits from the Lyme Advise offices in New York to the recipients worldwide, saving patients yet another expense!

Lyme Advise greatly appreciates all that ArminLabs and are doing to help the Lyme community. Please take a moment to pop on over to their FB pages to say thank you and to let them know we appreciate all they are doing to help us!

The testing being donated are as follows:

  • Borrelia EliSpot ACD/CPDA

  • Tickplex Basic IgG-/IgM-antibodies (Borrelia) Serum/SST

To read more about these tests read this TickPleck Info PDF or the TickPlex Validation PDF.

Application to Apply for Free Lyme disease Testing from ArminLabs

Please fill out the application in its entirety to be considered for free Lyme disease testing from ArminLabs. An application is good for only one person. If you are applying for more than one person, please fill out an application for each individual. All questions must be answered for the form submission to be valid. Due to the high volume of patients in need we ask that you do not apply unless you are in genuine financial distress. We are also offering test kits via ArminLabs here that may be ordered with all testing discounted at 33% off here. Anyone world-wide is eligible to apply for free testing. Discounted test kits are currently available for US citizens only.

Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Address *
Please use address we will be using to ship test kit if you are a recipient
Does the applicant remember being bitten by a tick? *
Are you able and willing to provide proof of financial hardship to Lyme Advise if chosen for free Lyme testing? *
If the applicant tests positive for Lyme disease do they have the means or ability to see a Lyme specialist or Naturopath to treat the Lyme disease? *
Please check yes that you understand and agree to the following: *
1. Lyme Advise does not diagnose or treat Lyme disease. We are in no way responsible for your diagnoses, treatment, blood draw, or shipping costs incurred to send kit from you to ArminLabs. 2. Submitting an application does not guarantee a free test kit. 3. ArminLabs is not responsible for your official medical diagnoses or treatment. They are a testing company. It is up to each person being tested to consult with a physician to read the tests and treat accordingly. 4. Lyme Advise, ArminLabs, and are in no way responsible or liable for any further care, and can not be held liable for anything, what-so-ever. 5. You understand that you are responsible for finding someone or someplace to properly draw blood for the test kit and you are solely responsible for those fees. 6. You understand you are responsible for shipping fees from you to ArminLabs. 7. You understand that blood draws and kits must be returned to ArminLabs within 4 weeks time of receiving test kits, as the test kits do have expiration dates. 8. You agree you are in financial hardship and need assistance to pay for Lyme disease testing. 9. This does not include any co-infection testing or additional test. This is ONLY for Borrelia EliSpot ACD/CPDA & Tickplex Basic IgG-/IgM-antibodies (Borrelia) Serum/SST